List of Airport Security Publications

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Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
CAP1170QAGM Quality guidance manual Current 16 May 2019
CAP1171 Test manager accreditation criteria - Digital National x-ray competency test Current 25 July 2023
CAP1178 Regulated Suppliers of In-flight Items in the UK Current 31 August 2023
CAP1179 CAA List of Regulated Cargo Agents Current 5 December 2023
CAP1223 Framework for an Aviation Security Management System (SeMS) Current 27 July 2021
CAP1224 Security Management System (SeMS): A guidance note for Accountable Managers Current 27 July 2021
CAP1260 Guidance for Airport Operators Designating Known Suppliers of Airport Supplies Current 23 March 2015
CAP1273 Implementing a Security Management System: An Overview Current 27 July 2021
CAP1297 Security Management System (SeMS) Frequently Asked Questions Current 27 July 2021
CAP1316 CAA Safety Policy Current 11 November 2022
CAP1358 Regulation of the ground handling services market Current 24 February 2016
CAP1381 Memorandum of Understanding in respect of Aviation Security Current 4 January 2017
CAP1383 Strategic themes for the review of Heathrow Airport Limited’s charges: A discussion document Current 1 March 2016
CAP1383a Strategic themes for the review of Heathrow Airport’s charges: Technical appendices Current 1 March 2016
CAP1409 Access to the ground handling market at UK airports: a review of the CAA’s approach – Request for information Current 17 May 2016
CAP1425 H7 Consumer Challenge Forum (CCF) – draft Terms of Reference Current 1 July 2016
CAP1449 Decision on the Terms of Reference for the H7 Consumer Challenge Board (CCB) Current 20 September 2016
CAP1450 Responses to the CAA consultation on the Terms of Reference for the H7 Consumer Challenge Forum (CCF) Current 20 September 2015
CAP1477 CAA Statutory Charges 2017/18 consultation document Current 17 November 2016
CAP1550 Aviation Security overview Current 31 May 2017
CAP1555 Aviation Security: What can you take through airport security? Current 5 June 2017
CAP1849 Cyber Security Critical Systems Scoping Guidance Current 19 August 2020
CAP1850 Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF) for Aviation Current 19 August 2020
CAP1868 A Unified Approach to the Introduction of UAS Traffic Management Current 3 December 2019
CAP1997 Security Management Systems: Guidance for Small Organisations Current 27 July 2021
CAP2013 Air Navigation Order 2020 Amendment – Guidance for unmanned aircraft system users Current 17 December 2020
CAP2015 UK ACC3 Scheme (inbound cargo) Guidance Current 9 March 2021
CAP2159 Criminal Records Check – Disqualifying Convictions Current 21 June 2021
CAP2195 Free running explosive detection dogs and handlers Current 24 November 2023
CAP2203 CAP 2203 Quality Guidance Manual Quality Assurance Framework Current 20 July 2021
CAP2204 CAP 2204 Understanding the CAA Quality Assurance Framework Current 20 July 2021
CAP2386 Risk Based Oversight White Paper Current 27 October 2022
CAP2568 Digital National X-Ray Competency Approved Test Managers List Current 3 November 2023

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