National Permit to Fly Renewals

This application is provided to streamline the process of renewing a National Permit To Fly.

If you experience difficulties with accessing Permit Online due to error message ‘403 forbidden’. Please contact us on 0330 022 1908 and we will be happy to assist you further.

Approved Organisations with the appropriate privilege may issue a Certificate of Validity for certain aircraft they have on their approval. This web application provides a means of producing a Certificate of Validity and updating the CAA records for an aircraft. Organisations with the privilege are given an account in order to do so. If you are an Approved organisation who does not currently have the privilege to issue Certificates of Validity but would like to have them, please visit the BCAR Approvals page.

Applicants or organisations that do not have the privilege to issue their own Certificates of Validity must apply to the CAA for a National Permit Renewal using this application since the original form SRG 1711 is no longer valid for National Permit to Fly Renewals.


From 1 July 2013 the requirement for a mandatory Flight Check on the renewal of a National Permit to Fly has been removed (further information about this change can be found in Safety Notice SN-2013/011). As a result of this change the Flight Test details previously required by the Permit Renewal application form and the online system has now been removed.

In addition to this change the option to pay for a Permit Renewal by cheque has also been removed (see Information Notice IN-2013/065 for further information).

Application for a National Permit Renewal

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You can find further information about National Permit To Fly renewals on the Permits To Fly page.